Vets using L2 vaccine

Vets still using the Lepto L2 vaccine.

There is a list of vets still offering Lepto 2 vaccine at the bottom of the page.

Does your vet still use the L2 vaccine rather than the L4 vaccine?

If your vet does not use Lepto 4 vaccine, please ask your vet to email with their contact details so that we can add them to the list of vets only using Lepto 2 vaccine.

I originally asked for dog owners to let me know if their vet still uses Lepto 2, but it came to light that whilst some vets were giving Lepto 2 on request, they were using Lepto 4 by default. So I'd prefer vets to contact me to confirm that they are only using Lepto 2 and not Lepto 4.

Lepto 2 strain vaccine L2 still available in the UK?

You should specifically ask for Lepto 2 at the following vets, and not just presume that it will be given by default.

This dated 2016

UK vets stocking Lepto L2 vaccine

Many thanks for your help