DHP vaccines Distemper, Hepatitis (Adenovirus), and Parvo 

DHP is the vaccine that is usually given every three years after the initial puppy and year one shot.

However, clinical research has shown that DHP can give immunity for around  years, and therefore not necessary to be given every three years. There are tests to see if the dog holds immunity to DHP, that cost around £120 in 2022. But there are now Vaccicheck kits, that vets can obtain to conduct in house Titre testing. Titre is pronounced "Tight er".

The company that does the inhouse tests is called Vaccicheck, who have a Facebook presence as well as their website - https://vaccicheck.com/ 

Unlike the Lepto vaccine, which helps the dog fight the disease - The DHP vaccine is known to prevent the dog from catching the disease in the first place.

The three diseases are rather unpleasant, and the dog would suffer if infected. Please look at the following document by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, which is 8 pages including about cats. It can be viewed below or Click here

Where a dog is injected with DHP, the Titre test may show over time a declining immunity. I took my dogs to Wales whilst I was conducting yearly titre tests for my own research, and the next results showed that the dogs had been challenged and the immunity had increased for the disease that tried to infect them.

There are two ways of conducting Titre tests. One is to get the vet to send blood to one of the Animal School universities, like Glasgow University for the Gold standard test. 

The other way is to use a vet who conducts in house Titre tests, known as Vaccicheck.

This video shows how the vaccicheck test is conducted

WSAVA Core-vaccines-Guidelines-Pictorial-FactSheets-2010.pdf