Map of Lepto in the UK

Dear visitor. The Map of Lepto cases in the UK is blank, because no vet has offered to give information of any figures of animal being infected with Lepto. We're not talking about not disclosing clients personal details, we're talking about their not even saying "We had one dog in 2018"!

If you're a dog owner and your vet says that they've seen cases of Lepto, ask them to email me.

The empty map of Lepto cases is at the bottom of the page.

Here's the map of Leptospirosis cases in the UK. This does not mean that Lepto is only in the locations shown on the map.

Apparently there is a problem with some people not being able to see this map. Let me assure you that as of January 2022 this map remains empty of any case. Every vet in Dorset who has a public email address was asked to let me know if they saw any case of Lepto. Not a single vet responded to that email, even to acknowledge it.