Recorded cases

Recorded cases of dogs infected with Lepto disease.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is responsible for gathering data on animals infected with disease.

APHA produce quarterly and yearly reports on Non statutory zoonoses diseases.

APHA's Reports page is here

The following figures are for Great Britain, that is to say England, Scotland and Wales.

Northern Ireland has their own laboratory and records.

By definition, these figures are only of infected dogs reported to APHA and there may be others that have not been reported or not diagnosed as having Lepto.

These tables have been created from the figures provided in APHA's FZ2100 reports since 2010.

Zoonoses report for Project FZ2100 - Lepto extract

It is unknown as to how many cases of dogs infected with Lepto are not reported to APHA. Also of how many Lepto infected dogs are not detected as being infected with Lepto, but the individual identified symptoms are treated as separate issues.